The People

The Organizers


Ron Krabill
Ron teaches media and cultural studies and is affiliated with the Department of Communication and the African Studies Program at the University of Washington. He is currently the Project Director of “My World Cup,” a transnational community media project aimed at producing and disseminating short media pieces made by Cape Town area video journalists and University of Washington students during South Africa's hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Ron's new book Starring Mandela and Crosby: Media and the End(s) of Apartheid highlights the relationship between politics and the media through an examination of the impact of television's introduction on South African politics during the last decades of apartheid.


jesikah maria ross
jesikah is an educator, mediamaker, and community cultural development practitioner. She collaborates with schools, community-based organizations and social action groups around the globe on participatory media projects that effect social change. She helped design the My World Cup project, created the partnership with Cape Town Community Television and provided curriculum support. She currently directs of the ART OF REGIONAL CHANGE, which brings university scholars, students and artists together with community groups to collaborate on place-based media projects that catalyze community development and generate public scholarship.


Angelica Macklin
Angelica is a filmmaker and coordinator of the University of Washington Bothell Digital Media Lab 121. She worked with the "My World Cup" teams to facilitate their process of outlining, filming, and editing their stories on site in Cape Town. Angelica and her husband Scott Macklin are the co-directors of "Masizakhe: Building Each Other" a film about cultural activists in the Nelson Mandela Metro of the Eastern Cape. She is currently working on a new feature documentary that follows the life work of several activists in the town of Aracuai, Brazil. Open Hand Reel


Georgia Roberts
Georgia is a PhD candidate in the English Department of the University of Washington and lecturer at the University of Washington Bothell. She has been leading the study abroad program to Cape Town since 2006. Her research interests include global hip hop culture, American and Comparative Cultural Studies, Critical Race Theory and public scholarship. She is also interested in late nineteenth century American literature, pragmatism and turn-of-the-century political and practical (everyday) conceptions of race, nation and empire.


Thabo Bopape (CCTV need bio)



Karen Thorne (CCTV need bio)


Cape Town Video Journalists

Stenford Dzikiti
Goksen Effendi
Kirstin Erasmus
Umarah Hartley
Mustapha Hendricks
Sisa Nobanda
Sinazo Salayedwa
Shipa Sopotela
Cee-Jay Williams

University of Washington Students

Joey Aboulhosn
Brenda Barrios
Iara Beekma
Lilian Bravo
Meron Habte
Roy Halvorson
Nicole House
Caitlin Kahn
Keyleigh McNeil
Korrie Miller
Haylee Morse-Miller
Alan Nguyen
Seyi Oshinowo
Kesley Price
William Raley
Dana Shaphren
Irving Smith
Evan Sorensen
Andrew Storey
Emily Strom
J. Reid Truitt
Rachel Wolk